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favorite gardens
MSU Horticultural Gardens  
Our favorites are the tulip beds in spring, the rose garden,  the annual trial beds, the childrens' garden, and the perennial beds (which pretty much covers the whole place!).
petunia trial gardens                         rose garden                            tulip beds

Dahlia Hill in Midland, MI

was a discovery for us last year.  The nonprofit organization, staffed by over three dozen volunteers, grows 4,000 dahlias of 175 varieties on the side of a hill.  

Dahlia Hill (impossible to capture its splendor)                                        One of the best varieties there... Suffolk Punch

Cherokee Beauty                  Grace Rushton                         Jessica Tears

Kelvin Floodlight                                     ? dinnerplate                      ? pompom

Yon at Dahlia Hill                                                        Tartan

The Holland, MI tulip festival
every May provides a citywide display of tulips.